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About North Cyprus

North Cyprus is a truly fascinating country, brimming with a rich and vibrant history that has left an indelible influence on its culture and landscape. The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, to give it its full name, is a relatively small nation that measures just 120 miles wide. However, what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in diversity, boasting a stunning coastline stretching just 15 miles from north to south, as well as a remarkable array of historic landmarks, ancient ruins, and cultural treasures. Cyprus itself is situated just off the west coast of Turkey in the eastern Mediterranean, and has been a hub of trade and commerce for millennia. Today, the Turkish Cypriot population are proud of their heritage, with ancestry linked to an array of ancient civilizations, including the Phoenicians, Assyrians, Romans, Persians, and Byzantines, all of whom have had a profound impact on the country’s identity and character. If you are interested in exploring all that this incredible destination has to offer, we highly recommend checking out the official North Cyprus tourism website at for a wealth of useful information and resources to help you plan your perfect getaway.
About North Cyprus

Kyrenia Harbour

Once you’ve found a table, which might take some time, you’ll understand another reason why the harbour at Kyrenia is so popular – it’s lovely! Kyrenia harbour is an elegant horseshoe shape, so nearly every café table has a great view over the water. Expensive yachts bob up and down in the marina next to working fishing boats, still wet from trips into the Mediterranean Sea. From here, cruise boats will take you on trips to some of the lovely beaches in North Cyprus.

An Aerial View Of Kyrenia Harbour With Mountains In The Background.
The Ruins Of Bellapais Monastery

Bellapais is a pretty village set high in the Five Finger Mountains of Northern Cyprus. Its most famous site is the Bellapais Monastery, sometimes called the Bellapais Abbey. The name Bellapais probably derives from the French “Abbaye de la paix” meaning ‘Monastery of Peace’.

The Bellapais Monastery was founded by Augustinian monks, who came to Cyprus from Jerusalem, and who began constructing the first buildings here in 1198. The Lusignan King Hugh III built much of what can be seen today between 1267 and 1284, whilst the courtyard pavilions and magnificent Gothic refectory were added by his success King Hugh IV by 1359.

Buyuk Han

All over medieval Turkey, come nightfall, weary travellers would head towards the nearest han, or inn. After the Ottoman invasion, a network of these inns grew up across Cyprus, where merchants could rest overnight in relative safety. The Great Inn of Nicosia is now only one of two remaining inns in the whole of Cyprus that still retain in the original format, so it is well worth visiting on your holiday in Northern Cyprus. (The other is the Gamblers Inn, just down the road.)

Buyuk Han (The Great Inn) Nicosia, North Cyprus

About North Cyprus

Whichever area you stay in you will find an abundance of Bars, Restaurants and Beachside restaurants all offering a fantastic range of fresh food including the most beautiful fresh caught fish.

Fancy a cocktail while watching the tides or a sunset meal allowing you to see the amazing sunsets.

Day passes are available from all the big hotels at a cost. For couples have a nice relaxing day at one of the adults only hotels however if you want to keep the kids entertained even the big kids then there are hotels with waterparks that can be used.

Northern Cyprus really does have something for everyone while still retaining so much traditional aspects.

The people are among the friendliest in the world so don’t be surprised to be invited into a garden for a Turkish Coffee or glass of water.

Unless sunbathing is your thing, hire a car or use one of the tour companies such as the Jeep Safari and go and explore the tourist areas above or find one of the many others that are just waiting to be explored. Combine your day with a fantastic lunch and a few drinks in one of the many restaurants before returning to your hotel for a comfortable nights sleep.