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New to blogging but not to wedding planning, mention the word wedding and my ears automatically prick up.

What is it about weddings I just don’t know maybe it is the romance or the excitement but whatever it is I love it. 

So how did I get into weddings? I decided to start my wedding path by opening a bridal shop back in 1996 and the thrill of seeing all the excited brides coming to choose the most important dress they will ever wear was such a beautiful feeling.

One thing I don’t like is the word NO so I try my best never to say it to a bride, whatever they want they should get although at times you have to gently change their minds especially when you know that their expectations are not achievable. I always found that those brides who had spent years dreaming of their perfect dress ended up with something completely different once they started trying them on.

They would come in with one particular style in mind and after trying on a few different dresses I would ask them to try on my style and see what they thought and nine times out of 10 my style would be their style Once the tears start you know they have found the perfect dress.

I have such fond memories of my time in that shop. One bride I will never forget was tiny she was a dance teacher and she came in with 12 flower girls and they had the biggest beautiful ballroom dresses, all of them looked stunning like a queen and her little princesses.

Time for retirement and a whole new country and lifestyle to get used to. We moved to North Cyprus and for the first year, I was pretty happy just being retired and doing nothing, and then boredom started setting in. There is only so much gardening and sunbathing you can do before you need something to get your brain going.

I took over another shop out here thinking I would bring a little bit of England to Cyprus. The customs and traditions are so so different to the UK and I struggled but still loved what I was doing that was until another wedding planner came in for coffee one day and asked me if I could take on one of her weddings.

What a massive decision I don’t even remember planning my own wedding let alone somebody else’s but I never said no and I took it on and pretended I knew exactly what I was doing. On the night once all the formalities had been done and everybody was dancing with smiles on their faces I was buzzing and I knew then that this was what I needed to do.

I did tell the couple in fact I thanked them for allowing me to choose my new career based on their wedding and they said that they had no idea that I’d never done this job before everything was so perfect so to the Mehmets I will always be grateful.

The Mehmets
My Beginning 5

Everything I do in life I hit the ground running no time for wasting always checking out this and that and the other. I have my website I did go and speak to a few Vendors and then I started work and I love love love love everything about weddings and it just makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

I started my first year, I think I had done about five weddings in that first year and loved every single one of them. I used local suppliers, local venues, and places that I knew were going to give my couples exactly what they wanted and then I started thinking that I could do better. I now have my own chair covers and sashes in every colour you can imagine, table decorations, flowers, flower walls it just gets bigger and bigger every year and makes things 10 times harder for me but the satisfaction I get from knowing I’ve put the whole wedding together myself gives me such immense pleasure..

I often take myself back to when I got married here in North Cyprus 25 years ago and my husband’s family planned our wedding and I felt like I never had a choice in anything, it was like being on a conveyor belt and I was just going with the flow. I would hate any bride to feel like that in 25 years’ time that’s why all my brides keep 100% control over their weddings. It is so hard building up trust in somebody that you’ve only just met let alone when they are thousands of miles away from you and now planning the most important day of your life so I try to keep in constant contact and talk about their day what they want and how they want it and they always get the final say.

The last 10 years have seen me taking on weddings from just 2 people in an olive grove to 250 people in a 5-star hotel.

The last thing I want to do is bore you so will save some until next time.

Me Myself And I

If you have got this far then I want to thank you for your time and if you think this will be of interest to anyone you know then please feel free to share the link.

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