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Some would say your wedding photography is one of the most important decisions you will make regarding your wedding… it’s the one tangible thing you are left with afterwards which will help you to relive the day again and again (apart from your new husband/wife).  Ultimately it depends on your priorities as a couple, and of course, your budget.

Choosing a photographer who is not only going to capture your individual style but all those natural candid shots of your guests throughout the day. When you sit down to look at your pictures for the first time you are going to see things that you missed on the wedding day.

These are your memories and something i would always suggest you invest in.

Good wedding photography captures the beauty of a day — the dress, the bride, the groom, the flowers — but really great wedding photography? Really great wedding photography captures the stories of the day. Not just the details of how everything looked, but the little moments that become heirlooms to the couple and their family.

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The wedding day is split into 3 important parts as far as photography is concerned. The pre-wedding where the bride traditionally spends her last hours with her bridesmaids, getting hair and makeup done.

The First Kiss is the part of the ceremony everyone waits for and then of course the party. All 3 parts make up the most important day of your life and every effort should be made to capture moments from all 3.

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Pre Wedding

Capture those last special moments getting ready with your closest ones

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First kiss

Whether that first kiss is in front of your guests or just in front of the camera make sure you have a digital reminder

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Once all the official stuff is out the way then it is time to party but so many photo opportunities happen during the evening you don’t want to miss them

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Video is such an important part of your memories because everything is in real-time. The actual day goes so quick and you are both so full of emotion and excitement that you will miss many many things, little things that might happen with the guests, Something that was said in the speeches, or just something you wished you could see again.  After the honeymoon, you can sit with a glass of fizz and relive your whole day all over again.