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Planning any wedding is stressful, planning a destination wedding is even worse. you have a problem with translation, a problem with legalities, how do you know your wedding is going to be legal so many questions to think about and that’s why if you’re planning a destination wedding then you need a wedding planner who is on the ground. A planner who knows the laws knows all the suppliers and can help you get everything you need for your dream day.

The first thing to think about is always the venue what kind of wedding have you got in your mind, is it the beach wedding with the sunset in the background is it a five-star luxury hotel, is it something more monumental maybe like a listed building or at a church like building even.

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Once you’ve decided on the kind of venue you then need to think about how many people will travel with you to enjoy your special day. With enough notice you would be surprised how many will use your wedding in a foreign country as their annual holiday and will be only too happy to be there to celebrate with you and make memories with you. Once you’ve decided on your venue then it’s time to start putting the rest of the wedding together, the next most important is choosing your photographer I always try to make sure that the photographer is booked at the same time as the venue because you don’t want to end up on your wedding day with a photographer that really is not up to scratch.

I work with a network of photographers all of whom I’ve seen their work I know they’re going to give you the photos they are going to bring your day to life again in 10 years. After the wedding day is over, Cake was eaten and the dress has been washed the photos are all you’re going to have left to give you your memories.  Because the wedding day goes so so fast you will see things in photos that you don’t even remember happening from the wedding day.

I like to work closely with my brides slowly building the day using Pinterest, using Photos found on Google, using just general ideas. I like to make a Pinterest board with you the bride to put everything together and then go through afterwards and take out what you don’t want which then leaves you with what you do want and before you know where you are you’ve got your theme, you’ve got all your decoration ideas everything you’re going to need to bring your day to life.

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Over the last 10 years, I have planned such a diverse range of weddings from two people in the middle of an olive grove to 250 people in a five-star hotel and both weddings were just as beautiful so it doesn’t matter how many guests you have with you your day will be so so special to you. If you decide you don’t want a UK wedding because you don’t want to have to invite all those aunts and uncles you have not seen for years or you’ve got children already and you just want a special day for you and your children weddings in North Cyprus can do everything and supply you everything you need to make your day a dream.

Next time we will look more closely at different venues that are available to you here in Northern Cyprus but if you have any questions then please feel free to add them as a comment or contact me directly and I will do my best to get back to you as quickly as I can.